Mechanical Properties of Sprayed SFRC

1. Introduction

 1.1 Background

 1.2 SFRC material used in tests

 1.3 Steel fiber

 1.4 Orientation of the steel fiber in the sprayed SFRC

2. Uniaxial Tension Test

 2.1 Apparatus, specimen and test method

 2.2 Complete stress-strain curves

 2.3 The relationship between residual strength and content of steel fiber

3. Uniaxial Compression Test

 3.1 Complete stress-strain curves

 3.2 An effect on the residual strength caused by steel fibers

 3.3 A summary about the anisotropy of sprayed SFRC

4. Durability of SFRC : An illustration in tests of SFRC sprayed 20 years ago

5. Concluding remarks






Uniaxial tensile and compressive tests were conducted on sprayed SFRC with servo-controlled testing machines to obtain complete stress-strain curves, and to find out the relationship between residual strength and contents of steel fibers. Volume fraction of steel fiber was chosen to be 0, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5%. Considering anisotropy of sprayed SFRC, two types of cylindrical specimens were made boring parallel and normal to the sprayed plane. Finally, a SFRC sprayed 20 years ago was tested under uniaxial tension and compression to certify its durability.